Will uploaded documents to be made accessible for the third party?

No, all contents that are uploaded for plagiarism scanning or in your private library are only available through visiting our website. If you are allocation a static link to a plagiarism report, this report will be available for everybody who got this link irrespective of prior registration to our plagiarism tool. Also, library contents are shared between all users of the same company through a licensed code.

Our state-of-the-art plagiarism scanner takes your privacy very seriously. Your information is your exclusive proprietary right, and for itself, we take it sternly. Our file checking scanner will match your uploaded files using our patented algorithm, without exposing the contents of your uploaded document. Besides that, none of your submitted files are ever saved in our database or shared with any third person.

Sometimes we need to contrast two documents or website URLs to check for duplicate content between two web pages. It is fairly possible when we review those two documents they look completely different from each other though by the content those files might have a lot of resemblance to them. Our up-to-the-minute plagiarism tool demonstrates real plagiarism meaning and helps you to compare two files or pages side by side to detect for plagiarized content. You can evaluate web pages in numerous ways.

Our plagiarism scanner is massively utilized to check the authenticity of the text. You can find plagiarized stuff by only copy/paste content or thru uploading documents. Making use of our plagiarism checker is necessary for securing your text as duplicate stuff is not acceptable to the search engine. Plagiarized text can affect your website and down your ranking in Google. The content you enter is scanned phrase by phrase on Google. If the phrase that is scanned already exists across the internet, a red notification will display, and text will be marked as plagiarized. And if your text is unique, a green notification will display against that phrase. After a complete scan, an overall result will display that how much unique is that particular content.